One Odd Rule About Taylor Swift’s Purses

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For years, eagle-eyed fans have noticed something peculiar about Taylor Swift: her purses often seem… empty. They may swing stylishly from her wrist or hang over her arm, but there needs to be more bulk that suggests she’s not carrying around a phone, wallet, keys, and the other daily essentials most people do.

 Taylor Swift
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Always Having Empty Purses on Her Person, Taylor Swift

For years, Swift has carried around empty purses. After all, the wristlet or bucket bag isn’t intended to store items that Swift will need during the day. She doesn’t carry anything in them. Instead, she leaves that responsibility to her loyal staff, who follow her closely with a bag containing all her necessities. This allows Taylor to focus on fashion and maintain her effortless chic image without the burden of a heavy bag.

This practice has sparked curiosity and even some criticism, with some labelling it “diva-like” or “unnecessary.” However, there are several valid reasons why Taylor might have chosen this approach:

  1. Convenience and focus: Carrying around a giant purse can be cumbersome and distracting, especially during busy schedules and public appearances. By delegating this task to her staff, Taylor frees up her hands and mind to focus on other things.
  2. Safety and security: Having a dedicated staff member carry her valuables adds a layer of protection and security in crowded or unpredictable situations.
  3. Fashion and image:For someone who thrives on fashion and creating a specific image, there may be a different aesthetic than carrying a bulky bag. Opting for an empty purse allows her outfits to remain streamlined and polished.
  4. Staff appreciation:This seemingly “weird” rule also serves as a way for Taylor to appreciate and utilize her staff. By entrusting them with her personal belongings, she demonstrates trust and confidence in their abilities.

While it might seem unconventional, Taylor’s purse rule ultimately boils down to personal preference and convenience. When you’re a global superstar like her, navigating life in the public eye requires finding ways to manage the chaos and maintain a sense of normalcy. Whether it’s delegating purse-carrying or any other task, Taylor has found a system that works for her and allows her to continue to be the talented and successful artist she is.