Seth Meyers expressed regret about Taylor Swift

Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers expressed regret about how he treated Taylor Swift during her 2009 appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) in a recent interview with Howard Stern. Meyers was the host of SNL at the time, and he was not impressed with the monologue that the show’s writers had prepared for Swift.

Seth Meyers Regrets His Treatment of Taylor Swift

The monologue was not good,” Meyers admitted. It just didn’t feel like Taylor, and it was really lighthearted. I remember feeling really bad for her because she was so young and she was clearly nervous.

Seth Meyers
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Swift, who was just 19 at the time, had actually written her monologue, but Meyers and the SNL writers had decided not to use it. Meyers said that he now regrets that decision.

“She came in with a monologue that she had written herself,”Meyers said. And it was perfect. It was so funny and so self-deprecating. Why we didn’t use it is beyond me.

Meyers said that he feels terrible about how he handled the situation

Meyers remarked, “I wish I had supported her more.”I should have told her that I liked her monologue and that we were going to use it. I didn’t feel like I had anything to say about it.”

Meyers said that he has since learned from his mistake

“I’ve learned that it’s important to be supportive of young people, especially when they’re starting out,” Meyers stated. “I’m glad that Taylor has gone on to be so successful, and I hope that she can forgive me for how I treated her.”


Swift has not publicly commented on Meyers’ remarks. However, she has said in the past that she is grateful for the opportunity to have hosted SNL.

“I was so excited to host SNL,” Swift said in a 2019 interview. “It was a dream come true.”

Despite the rocky start, Meyers and Swift have since become friends. Meyers has interviewed Swift on his late-night show multiple times, and Swift has even performed on SNL as a musical guest.

It’s good to see that Meyers has learned from his mistake and that he and Swift are now able to have a positive relationship.