Everything You Should Know About Kate Norley, John Oliver Wife


Among the most inventive and hilarious men on late-night television is John Oliver. John had hosted Last Week Tonight with John Oliver since 2014 when he won more than twelve Emmys. On his show, John uses satirical sketches to critique the news cycle. In some of these skits, Rachel Dratch plays his fictional wife, Wanda Jo Oliver. But John is wed to American and veteran of the United States Armed Forces, Kate Norley.

The union of John and Kate is a timeless tale of love.

Kate Norley: Who Is She?

At 19, Kate Norley enlisted in the United States Army. In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she wished to serve her country. According to The Sun, Kate was employed as a mental health professional and combat medic in Iraq. After returning to the United States, Kate worked with Vets for Freedom to support veterans. Kate’s spouse is a Democrat, but she is a Republican.

John Oliver


How Did Kate and John Oliver Meet?

2008 saw the meeting of John and Kate during the Republican National Convention. While Kate advocated for Vets for Freedom, John was there for The Daily Show. If it weren’t for Kate, a British national, John would have been deported that evening from his temporary work visa. According to The Daily Beast, Kate and a group of veterans assisted in keeping John hidden from the security crew when they discovered him in a restricted location and were about to arrest him. That evening, John and Kate clicked, and soon after that, they began dating!

The Marriage of John and Kate

In July 2010, John and Kate got engaged in St. Thomas. “I was a medic in the Army,” Kate revealed to people following the engagement. Although it was challenging, I’m grateful that I can now spend time with my true love. John declared, “Going out with someone who has truly accomplished something worthwhile with their life is the most emasculating thing I could possibly do.”

John and Kate married in a private ceremony in October 2011, a year after they became engaged. Over the years, they have mostly kept the specifics of their wedding a secret.

The Offspring of John and Kate

John and Kate were the parents of two sons born in 2015 and 2018. Hudson, their first child, was born too soon. John had previously disclosed to the Hollywood Reporter that Kate was in the hospital and that the months leading up to her pregnancy had been difficult. “John kept Hudson’s birth a secret for over a year and a half. “My son is here. He is 19 months old. During a difficult pregnancy, he had an early birth, he revealed on a Last Week Tonight episode. John likewise withheld the news of the birth of his second son until the boy was three months old.